Go Out in Your Numbers to Vote for the IFP in Nongoma

22 October 2013    


The IFP would to encourage the people of Nongoma to go out in their numbers to vote for the IFP in tomorrow’s by-election.


IFP Deputy National Chairperson, Mr Albert Mncwango MP, said, “Tomorrow’s by-election will confirm your vote in 2011 and keep it in the IFP. It will also set the course for a victory in seven months' time at the general elections of 2014. So it is a vitally important election. If you don't vote, what you asked for in 2011 will be ignored and overturned. Your voice will be drowned out in the empty slogans of our opponents. If you don't vote tomorrow, 2014 will be taken out of your hands and given to the ANC, seven months before we even get the chance to vote. It's all going to be decided tomorrow. You need to do everything in your power to get to the polling stations and vote.” 


Mncwango continued, “The IFP has confidence that the seats you gave to the IFP will remain in the IFP, because no one in Nongoma is going to allow their vote to be subverted and their voice to be ignored. Through the ballot box, you asked for an IFP leadership in ward 5, and in ward 10 and in ward 11. You asked for IFP Councillors, and you voted for the IFP. It is insulting for our opponents to come to you now and question your judgement, telling you to change your vote.” 


“We entered a five year partnership at the Local Government Elections, based on years and years of working together successfully. We have an established relationship of trust. We know one another, and we know what works in Nongoma,” said Mncwango. 


"Thus you asked the IFP to keep leading in 2011. In every by-election since then, you reminded us of your mandate and reinforced our partnership by voting for the IFP again, in ever increasing numbers. You expressed your confidence in the IFP and in the partnership between the IFP and Nongoma.


“So we don't doubt that tomorrow you will tell our opponents, through the ballot box, what they seem to need to hear again and again. Nongoma wants the IFP,” concluded Mncwango.




Issued by:

IFP Deputy National Chairperson, Mr Albert Mncwango MP, 083 448 4896



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IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Ms Boniswa Tiwe, 072 497 1252