IFP Slams Minister of Public Enterprises
Over Pending Eskom Price Hike

23 January 2013      


The IFP stands resolutely with the people of South Africa in saying an emphatic NO to the mooted Eskom price hike scheduled for later this year.


IFP spokesperson Mr Narend Singh, MP said, "I raised the absurdity of this mooted price hike with the Minister of Public Enterprises in the National Assembly on 22 November last year. I asked the Minister why the citizens of South Africa must continue to fund the many failures of government, one of them being this current crisis at Eskom. I asked the Minister if this government was intent on financially crippling its citizens. I asked the Minister why the citizens of this country have to, in the Ministers own words "bear the collective pain" of rectifying government failure. I asked the Minister why millions in bonuses had been paid to Eskom executives essentially from additional public funding. I was met with a cold ministerial response and mumble which did not respond to any of the issues I raised."


"Instead the Minister ranted on about every other issue under the blue sky instead of addressing and admitting the problem at hand which is in itself inherently simple, Government failed! Whether this was through blatant neglect or merely utter incompetence I am not sure. But what I am sure of is that now we the citizens must once again pay for government blundering. I therefore take this opportunity to remind the Minister and the ruling party that they are the servants, serving at the behest of and for the people; the people do not serve them or their failures. The people will not stand for this kind of leadership much longer," said Singh.


The IFP will continue to fight for and on behalf of the people of South Africa against this failed government, against government's failed public enterprises and against the financial crippling of our citizens through excessive taxation and indiscriminate basic services price hikes. Government must shape-up or step-down.


Contact: Narend Singh, MP on 083 788-5954 


IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675