Inkatha Freedom Party welcomes main spending changes on Budget

Cape Town: February 23, 2005

The Inkatha Freedom Party welcomes the Budget with particular emphasis on the main spending changes over the next three years.

The IFP spokesperson on Finance, Mr ET Vezi MP, said:

“The R22.3 billion to increase social security is most welcome. We are however mindful of the fact that there are interventions that cannot be sustained, as the Minister has often said.

"The R5 billion to improve levels of remuneration and to increase police numbers is most welcome as it could lead to further reduction of crime.

"The 6.9 billion for teachers and social workers to improve remuneration levels and to retain scarce skills is most welcome.

"The IFP is especially concerned that there is no concrete solution put forward to address the employment crisis. There are also no concrete suggestions to address the HIV/ Aids crisis. The IFP implores both relevant Ministers to come up with immediate solutions to this national crisis."

In conclusion, the IFP sees the Budget as a highly commendable and realistic plan of financial action – but given the experiences of previous budgets, has some doubt as to Government’s ability to meet its implementation requirements.

Contact: Mr ET Vezi MP

082 667 6035