A Vote for NFP is A Vote for the ANC Says Mbete

23 April 2014.


The blatant statements made by the ANC’s Baleka Mbete regarding her party working with the NFP after the May 7 national elections shows that any vote for the NFP is an endorsement of the ANC and its policies.


“Despite some members of the ANC leading protests against the NFP in the Zululand district municipality, political expediency will ensure that the NFP and ANC continue to be in bed together, even on a national level. The escalation of their relationship, from local government to national elections, would only be the natural next step, as they both use public funds to fund their election campaigns so they are a perfect fit” said IFP national chairperson and leader of the official opposition in KZN, Mr. Blessed Gwala.


“What Mrs KaMagwaza-Msibi and the NFP don’t understand is that the ANC will use them for votes and then accuse them of corruption, while trying to woo their members to the ANC, so that the NFP has nothing left afterwards”


The IFP president, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, has previously stated that voting for the NFP is the same as voting for the ANC. The votes that are cast for the NFP in the national elections will actually be for the ANC.


“Clearly the ANC wants South Africa to be a one party state. How else can they explain the desire to swallow up other smaller parties, while their statements make it seem that having a multi-party state is a hindrance to ‘true’ democracy? The messages they continually utter, attacking other parties, shows that they do not want a democracy, but a new version of what the old National Party had – a family friendly dictatorship” said Mr Gwala.


The ANC should see how hypocritically they are behaving – on the one hand they accuse the DA of swallowing other parties, while they are busy with back-door deals doing the same thing.


“The ANC should just admit it publicly – that it will use the NFP to get the votes that people took away from the party, while they decry the fact that opposition parties are a viable alternative for people looking for a different political home” said Mr Gwala



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