IFP-GP Fully Behind the Protests Against E-Tolls

23 May 2013    


The IFP in Gauteng (IFP-GP) remains fully opposed to the implementation of the e-tolling system and supports the Treatment Action Plan (TAC) and Cosatu-led protests against the e-tolling system scheduled for Friday May 24 in Johannesburg and May 31 in Ekurhuleni.


The IFP-GP in parallel with Cosatu and the TAC has in the past spoken out against the e-tolling system and would like to reaffirm its condemnation of this system that is deliberately imposed on us as Gauteng citizens by this remorseless government. “Is it not clear that people do not want this cruel project to continue? We are enraged by the government’s stubbornness and disregard of the brunt that this system will bring to the already financially stretched people residing in townships or poor urban peripheries,” said IFP Caucus Leader in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, Bonginkosi Dhlamini.


The IFP-GP agrees with the TAC that this e-tolling system will increase the cost of medication, and will also impact on the delivery of treatment to health facilities. Adding to this, the IFP-GP believes this will also impinge on other sectors such as agriculture since it will increase the cost of doing business in Gauteng. This has been proven by the ‘Doing Business in South Africa 2011 Report’, which indicates that conducting business in South Africa is increasingly costly compared to other developing nations.


“The IFP-GP finds it irrational that the taxi transport services have been excluded from e-tolling, but food and freight transport vehicles that service townships and other areas have not been exempted. This will obviously push up food prices and mostly affect poor African and black residents and citizens of Gauteng,” says Dhlamini.


The IFP-GP is taken aback by the provincial government’s ignorance to the fact that a similar system was implemented in Brazil’s Sao Paulo State, but failed because people were unable to pay its high costs. "As a party in Gauteng we commit to continue fighting against this ill-thought system and calls on this government to reconsider its decision for wanting to implement this system which is by and large rejected. Instead, government should find a transport system that is applicable and revokes Apartheid travelling arrangement of Gauteng," concludes Dhlamini.



IFP Caucus Leader in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature; Bonginkosi Dhlamini; 071 622 7523


IFP Media Liaison Officer, Musa Ngobeni; 079 412 9757/011 489 6401


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