Competent Individual Must Be Appointed to
Manage Masibambisane Rural Development Initiative

23 July 2013    



The IFP calls on President Zuma to urgently appoint a competent individual to manage the Masibambisane Rural Development Initiative. IFP Spokesperson on Rural Development and Land Reform, Inkosi RN Cebekhulu MP said, “Deebo Mzobe who is currently in-charge of Masibambisane Rural Development Initiative must be removed from his position, and the President must appoint a competent individual. There have been a great deal of complaints about Deebo Mzobe."


"It is also alleged that he is benefiting from government tenders and that he receives preferential treatment because he is related to President Zuma, especially when it comes to government funding. Masibambisane is meant to develop the areas, not just certain individuals. President Zuma must show commitment by removing Mzobe without any further delay.”


Personal issues surrounding Mzobe raise more questions about his fitness to manage a multimillion-rand government project.


Inkosi Cebekhulu further stated, “The Department of Public Works must truthfully declare how much rent is paid by Deebo Mzobe for using its offices as a head office for Masibambisane in Eshowe, and what process was followed before these offices were allocated.”


The IFP re-iterates its call that Public Protector must investigate all tenders awarded to Mzobe and that the Hawks must also institute their own investigation into Mzobe's business dealings. In addition, the IFP will write a parliamentary question to the President asking why Masibambisane's financial statements have not been released to date and how Mzobe was selected to manage Masibambisane.



Issued by:

IFP Spokesperson on Rural Development and Land Reform,

Inkosi RN Cebekhulu, MP, 082 975 5107


Or contact

IFP Parliamentary Caucus Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 0245675