Department of Social Development Must
Assist NGOs with Non- Compliance Issues

24 January 2013        



The IFP questions the decision by the Department of Social Development to summarily deregister and find so many organizations that are doing good work in our communities non-compliant.


IFP Spokesperson on Social Development, Ms Helen Makhuba said, "The Department must come clean on why so many NGOs have been deregistered and found non-compliant. It seems like some of them are being punished for taking government to court because this seems like a crack down on organizations that are doing good work where government fails?"


The IFP states, once again, that the Department of Social Development must implement a proper communications strategy with the public. The Department did not notify organizations in writing before deregistering or marking them non-compliant which shows a basic lack of communication unless this was intentional on the part of government. The Department should also explain the disbandment of the appeal panel of NGOs.


Makhuba added, "Procedural and compliance training must be offered by the department to all start-up NGOs. NGOs greatly assist our communities and should be afforded every assistance by government."


The IFP calls on the Department to re-look at the matter of de-registering these NGOs as this is going to cripple the vital functions and services they are currently providing to our communities. The NGOs must be properly advised and given sufficient and reasonable time to correct their non-compliance.



IFP Spokesperson on Social Development, Ms Helen Makhuba, 073 268 3063 


IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Boniswa Tiwe, 072 497 1252