Establishment of School for Public Servants is Imperative

25 January 2013         


The IFP calls on Government to establish a school for public servants similar to the ones currently operating in India. These schools will provide prospective government employees with a one year basic course in public administration before they are deployed to their positions in public service.


IFP Spokesperson on Finance, Mr Narend Singh, MP, said, "The excessive use of consultants as evidenced by the report of the Auditor General is a clear indication of a failing public service. Public servants, especially those in senior positions, seem unable to execute the functions for which they have been appointed. Cadre deployment, nepotism and cronyism must become a thing of the past. Merit must be the only basis upon which public servants are employed into senior positions. I trust this is a wake-up call for all departments, and whilst we appreciate that there will always be a need for consultants in certain specialised fields, this excessive use of consultants must end."


"Of further concern is the fact that consultants are being used in some departments to perform internal audits and other financial functions, which should be an in-house responsibility. We therefore call upon government to put more focus into specialised training of public servants that are placed in strategic positions as it imperative that we have skilled people who are able to perform their allotted tasks," said Singh.


The IFP will vigorously interrogate all departments that have made excessive use of consultants after the Auditor General presents the final report to the public accounts committee and when departments are called in to provide answers for this wasteful expenditure.


IFP Spokesperson on Finance, Hon Mr Singh, MP, 083 788 5954

IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Mr Phendulani Biyase, 073 024 5675