Landers Scratches Bottom of the Barrel
Says Oriani-Ambrosini

25 April 2013    


During the parliamentary debate on the Secrecy Bill the Honourable Landers scratched the bottom of the barrel in defending the indefensible when he attacked me on account of my being also a US citizen, questioning my loyalty and dedication to South Africa.


In my speech I called on members of the ANC to follow the dictates of their conscience and vote against the Secrecy Bill because it is a bad bill. I pointed out that without a public interest defence clause and a public domain defence clause the bill gives less freedom and liberty to the people of South Africa than what American citizens have enjoyed for the past 230 years, on the strength of the First Amendment to the American Constitution.


I called on my ANC colleagues to explain why they would bestow on South Africans less freedom than Americans are given to enjoy. I questioned how they could feel that they are representing South African people when passing a bill that every institution of civil society has identified as a bad bill.


I further question how can there be democracy in a Parliament like ours if all ANC MPs toe the party line and vote for a bad bill after many of them told me privately that the bill is indeed bad and they would wish to oppose it.


The only answer Landers saw fit to give to these questions was to attack me personally. Shame on him! This action of his is so much below his usual standards of a high-ranking, competent, gentleman-like and professional parliamentarian that it shows that his conscience is cringing and that he too knows that today our democracy has suffered a great setback.


I have worked relentlessly for 23 years to promote freedom and democracy in South Africa and strengthen democratic institutions. I have always respected Mr. Landers as a true democrat and one of the fathers of the South African democratic Republic. It pains me to see him stooping so low just to defend what he must have known in his heart to be wrong and unjust.


Issued by: Dr. Mario Oriani-Ambrosini MP.   082 556 0240