Government Must Urgently Erect Fencing
Between Kruger National Park and Mozambique

25 April 2013    


The IFP calls on Government to urgently erect border fencing and deploy armed forces between Mozambique and Kruger National Park.


IFP Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Mrs. Connie Zikalala MP, said, "Government should do everything in their power to protect our wildlife and heritage. Before we know it thousands of elephants will also be killed this year by poachers who want their ivory tusks. Government must treat this matter as critical and urgently deploy resources to combat same."


Zikalala continued, "Mozambican nationals come across the border into Kruger National Park to poach our wildlife. Border fencing and the deployment of troops is the only chance we have at saving our wildlife. Poaching not only affects our wildlife but our tourism industry as well. Kruger National Park, one of our most popular tourists attractions, is no longer safe. Tourists visiting the park could find themselves caught in the crossfire."


The IFP urges the Government to provide immediate funding and deployment of troops and logistical resources to the area.



Mrs Connie Zikalala MP, 083 282 8384 

IFP Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs and Tourism,


IFP Parliamentary Caucus' Media Liaison Officer, Ms Boniswa Tiwe, 072 497 1252