July 25, 2005

The Executive of the Inkatha Freedom Party, at its weekly meeting today discussed a range of issues pertaining to the day to day affairs of the Party. It also took note of the decision some members of the IFP Youth Brigade and SADESMO to go ahead with the meeting addressed by the National Chairperson as the keynote speaker during the past weekend, despite an instruction from the Secretary-General not to proceed.

The Executive of the Inkatha Freedom Party expresses its deepest displeasure and condemnation of this act of defiance on the part of the convenors and the National Chairperson. No political party or organisation can tolerate such a display of disdain for discipline and internal cohesion.

The Executive condemns in the strongest terms possible, the National Chairperson's claims, reported in the media, that the Party is run in a dictatorial fashion, which not only do we believe is a travesty of truth, but can only serve to bring the Party's good name into disrepute. The Executive further condemns the National Chairperson's untruthful and disgraceful insinuations about the President of the IFP and distances itself from them. The Executive wishes to place on record its unequivocal support for the leadership of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and to make it clear that this coterie of mischiefmakers does not speak in any way for the overwhelming majority of members of the IFP who wholeheartedly support his leadership.

The President of the IFP was unanimously elected by the Party's Annual General Conference last year and has put into train a range of far-reaching measures to rejuvenate and renew the Party to transform the IFP into an effective alternative to the ruling party.

In response to this grave and unprecedented situation, the Executive has called for an urgent meeting of the National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party to address this matter. It is in this forum that this matter will be resolved, not in the headlines of the media which, unfortunately, some in our midst have chosen to do. This meeting will be held on a day to be announced soon.

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