July 25, 2005

SADESMO National Spokesperson, Mr. Christian Ntuli has issued a statement distancing SADESMO from the "delinquency actions" of few individuals who are used by some confused opportunists within the movement. Mr Ntuli said that there are people who have been deceived and promised top positions in the Party.

"We are not happy about those who defied the leadership of the Party by continuing to host the so-called "SADESMO PEC/IFPYB Provincial'' rally despite the order from Party leadership to call it off," said Ntuli.

"We want to make it clear that SADESMO never organized such a rally. A few people who are lost, misled the public by saying SADESMO PEC was part of the organization. We know very well that PEC members were not all informed about it. Branches were not all invited. The NEC was not invited or informed about the rally," clarified Ntuli, who is also SADESMO Unizul Branch Chair.

"SADESMO fully supports the leadership of the IFP and its leader, Prince M.G. Buthelezi. We are fully behind him and we reject any opportunists who dream to lead the IFP. As SADESMO, we are going to deal accordingly with those irresponsible political imbeciles who painted SADESMO with 'power-mongery paint'."

"On behalf of SADESMO I wish to apologize to the leadership of the IFP for such childish and stupid behavior of some of our members who ignored the call made by the leadership," said Chris Ntuli.

"The IFP is and will not be divided over party leadership because we know all the leaders who have been with us during bad and good times. And also because we are united behind the leadership of Prince Buthelezi. He (Shenge) once said: The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 24 verse 10, captures the greatest unity challenge of our time. It says, "If we faint in the day of adversity, our strength is small".

"The question I ask today is 'will we faint in this present day of adversity?'

"We dare not fail. We will not fail."

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