November 25, 2005

The National Chairperson of the IFP, Ms. Zanele Magwaza, today expressed the support of the IFP for the 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM AGAINST VIOLENCE campaign, which started yesterday.

Ms. Magwaza said:

"This campaign serves to heighten public awareness about the daily hell in which many people are trapped, most of them women and children. The campaign has the full support of the IFP and we will do our best to heighten awareness during the remaining 15 days of the campaign. But no matter how welcome the campaign, 16 days are just not enough. It would be life-changing for many if this issue remained a media and public priority everyday of the year."

"Everyone, after all, has the fundamental human right not to be abused. And everyone ought to know it. Sadly though this lesson is not always taught and the very people who should be imparting it become the violators. In the same way we teach our children their names we need to teach them their right not to be abused so that it becomes part of their primary identity. The right to live without abuse must also become a fundamental part of school learning so that children and young people subject to or witness to abuse at home are empowered to embrace this right and act quickly."

"In as much as no one has the right to be abused NO ONE has the right to abuse. This lesson also needs to be taught from home, from the classroom, from pulpits, in the media, sports clubs and youth groups. And no matter the tragic history of the abuser no compassion or sympathy should be given them."

"Unfortunately, however, abuse will not disappear overnight and the IFP calls for more financial assistance and resources to be given to institutions which support victims of abuse, education campaigns and initiatives aimed at promoting the right of each individual not to be abused. Abuse is a priority crime which has far reaching consequences and programmes must expanded and empowered to STOP ABUSE."

"The IFP also encourages more men to stand up and speak out against the abuse of women and children so that they can act as role models to boys and young men in order to break the vicious cycle of abuse," concluded Ms. Magwaza.

Ms. Zanele Magwaza
IFP National Chairperson
082 804 7993