In Celebration of Christmas 2014
 Statement by
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP
President of the Inkatha Freedom Party

25 December 2014. 

In the past few days, many of us have asked the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” as we prepared to celebrate with our family and friends. The answer, of course, was probably books, CDs and Tablets. For those of us who are burnt-out from another year of hard work, the answer may have been a holiday or simply a foot massage! 

When various Ambassadors were asked this question by a journalist some years ago in the United Kingdom, they had the presence of mind to think of such gifts as “Peace throughout the world” and “An end to Imperialism”. One did, however, ask for a box of candied fruit. 

Whether we think of what we want, what we need or what would be best for everyone, Christmas somehow focuses our minds on what can be added to life to make it better. 

The ultimate Christmas gift will always be Christ Himself; the reason for our celebration on 25 December. Undoubtedly, the grace, forgiveness, peace, mercy and love extended to us all by the Lord would meet our needs far better than any Tablet, holiday or candied fruit ever could. Adding Christ to our lives certainly makes everything better. 

I trust that we have all received something special today, whether it is a small token of affection or an outrageously expensive present. But I hope each of us will consider the gifts we really need and thank the one born on this day that these gifts are ours 365 days a year. 

On behalf of my family and the Inkatha Freedom Party, I wish all South Africans and all our friends everywhere in the world a blessed Christmas 2014.


IFP Media, Parliament