ANC Continuously Trying to Wipe Out IFP's Role in SA Liberation

26 March 2013    

The Inkatha Freedom Party in KwaZulu Natal is ridiculed by ANC’s continuous attempt to rewrite the history of the province by deliberately attempting to wipe out IFP’s role in the liberation of the country. 

IFP’s outcry follows a visit to the Party’s and ANC’s struggle icon’s tombstone in eMbali, Pietermaritzburg. This tombstone has its fence painted in the ruling party’s colours.  The monument which was supposed to be blessed by both IFP president, Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi and former ANC president, Dr Nelson Mandela in 1998 was placed as a commemoration of over 25 IFP and ANC struggle icons that died during violence in Imbali. 

“To have the gravestone’s fence painted in ANC colours is an insult to the IFP since it was placed there not only as ANC struggle icon’s memorial stone but it was to pay tribute to both the IFP and ANC members who took part in fighting towards ending violence that had plagued iMbali during the apartheid era,” said Honourable Blessed Gwala, Leader of the Official Opposition and IFP National Chairperson.

The IFP has a list of all IFP members and Leaders who took part and whose names have been included, and some were excluded in the list that is written on that tombstone. The IFP is disturbed by ANC constant moves to impose its heroes on everyone. 

“We are not against the painting of the fences but the ruling party needs to do it without controversy that carries a lot of emotions. The ANC is hijacking each and everything that involves IFP history in the struggle, in favour of its heroes. A person who is misinformed about South African history wouldn’t know that the IFP was part of the struggle and has always been against violence,” said Honourable Gwala. 

When some Leaders of the IFP went to visit the gravesite, they also noticed that the gravesite was not taken care of, as the grass had not been cut. The IFP also noticed that the late Moses Mabhida Memorial Garden in eMbali section 1 had security personnel present 24 hours/7 days a week when the memorial garden only consists of Moses Mabhida and Johny Makhathini’s graves. 

Contact: Honourable MB Gwala - 078 290 5842
Leader of the Official Opposition and IFP National Chairperson