July 26, 2005

The IFP Youth Brigade at all levels - Branch, Constituency, District, Provincial and National - denounces with contempt utterances made by the IFP National Chairperson, Dr Ziba Jiyane, at an unauthorised Youth Brigade rally at Umlazi, Durban on Saturday, 23rd July 2005.

The IFP Youth Brigade is appalled that for the last year in which Dr Jiyane has occupied the office of National Chairperson of the Party he has not once presented his views on the question of leadership or reform in the Party, and has not engaged any constitutional structure of the IFP on any proposals in this regard.

The IFP Youth Brigade therefore finds it ludicrous for Dr Jiyane to now pronounce to the whole world that a dictator is leading the IFP - using a few misguided Youth as his vehicle.

The IFP Youth Brigade will continue to entrench the long-held culture of organisational discipline and we will crush this defiance campaign that has emerged over the past few days.

We will continue to observe our constitution and continue to work in a democratic way. We will continue to support the tried and tested leadership of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi over the antics of political opportunism.

We will continue to drive the programme of renewal and regeneration within the IFP under the visionary leadership of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. We will not tolerate nor allow political opportunists, masquerading as "reformists", to speak on behalf of the Youth Brigade to the destruction of the IFP.

In closing, we would like to remind Dr Ziba Jiyane, that the very same Conference, which voted him as National Chairperson also elected Rev. Musa Zondi as Secretary-General and Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi as President. The inference that our leadership is dictatorial does not give credence to the electoral process which elected Dr Jiyane himself.

Mr Thulaziswe Buthelezi
IFPYB National Chairperson
083 482 7936