IFP Opens Police Assault Case

27 April 2014.


An IFP member has been assaulted by the police in Mhlabuyalingana during a roadshow organised in the area.


IFP MP, Mr. Alfred Mpontshane said "While we were walking around the area, members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) provoked IFP supporters, which led to an altercation between the two groups. This ended with police officers assaulting one of our supporters and we have opened a case of assault in Manguzi police station”.


The IFP has spoken out against any form of police brutality in the past, as communities have lost faith in the police service to protect them.


“This kind of behaviour from our officers must be condemned in the strongest of terms. It is disheartening that instead of protecting the IFP members' rights to campaign peacefully in the area, the police were the main source of violence and disruptive behaviour”.


“Our police are not supposed to be aligned to any political party. Yet this attack on our members makes us question whether they support certain political parties’ campaigns while disrupting ours. This behaviour is very uncommon and the whole incident needs to be properly investigated” said Mpontshane.


Issued by: Mr Alfred Mpontshane, MP   083 441 6201