IFP Concerned About MEC Mabuyakhulu's Empire

27 May 2014.


The IFP has expressed concerns about Premier Senzo Mchunu’s removal of Environmental Affairs from Agriculture to Economic Development which it says is an effort to build an empire for MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu. The party said it was concerned that Environmental Affairs has been moved to Economic Development when the two departments have different objectives. It said the primary objective of the Environmental Affairs department is to protect the environment, which is a complete contradiction with the Economic Development’s primary objective which is to ensure the economic growth in the Province.


IFP Leader in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature Blessed Gwala said:  “First we applaud Premier Senzo Mchunu for finally implementing what has been the IFP position that Rural Development belongs to the Department of Agriculture. However, this incessant movement of Rural Development proves that the ruling party did not in the past take seriously the campaign to develop rural areas. We hope that by his action, Premier Mchunu will be the first ANC Premier who will be serious about rural development.


“However we are concerned by the Premier’s decision to move Environment Affairs from Agriculture to Economic Development and Tourism. We say this despite that we acknowledge the Premier’s prerogative to appoint MEC’s and re-arrange Departments. Our opposition emanates from the fact that the two departments’ mandates are completely different. While we acknowledge that the Environmental Affairs also contributes to economic growth, we know that that is not its primary mandate. Its primary objective is to protect the environment so that future generations will still benefit from it. The Department of Economic Development’s objective on the other hand, is to ensure economic growth in the Province. We are also of the view that the step that the Premier has taken will contribute towards building an empire for the mighty MEC, Mike Mabuyakhulu, just as it was when he was MEC for Cogta where he was concentrating all government sections in his department.


Above that, this reshuffle has financial implications because funds and human personnel must now be moved to the Department of Economic Development. This means that funds that should be channelled to service delivery will be used to set up this section within the Department of Economic Development.”



For Further Information:

Mr Blessed Gwala IFP

Leader of IFP KwaZulu-Natal Caucus

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