No Real Transformation in Built Environment

27th August 2014.



“In our country, 75 percent of registered professionals in the Built Environment are white, while black people only constitute 15 percent; Indians make up 6 percent, while Coloured people are at 4 percent. These numbers show how little has changed in this field” stated IFP MP on Public Works, Mr Petros Sithole.


This was in response to information supplied by Public Works on the on-going problems in bringing about transformation with the built environment sector. 


“91 percent of those who are able to register as professional are men while a mere 9 percent are female. This imbalance of genders shows how this sector does not encourage women to find a place within it – this has to change”


Allegations of side-lining, discrimination and de-skilling of black graduates are rife, while the length of time it takes to become a registered professional is also a concern.


“It takes 12 years for someone to get accreditation; and during that period, the number of black registered candidates is around 53 percent and female make up 24 percent of total registered candidates.


As the IFP, we support the department’s attempt at changing this situation, and support suggested steps such as workplace training programmes, educating graduates on the importance of registration and the implementation of a uniform assessment process of candidates at each professional council” said Sithole.


“Entities such as the Independent Development Trust (IDT), the Council for the Built Environment (CBE), the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and Agrément South Africa need to speak one language and work together to ensure that true transformation occurs in the BE sector


Issued by:

Mr Petros Sithole, MP IFP Spokesperson on Public Works, 082 743 1348