IFP-GP Slams State of Violence in Gauteng

28 May 2013    



As South Africa and the rest of the African continent celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Organisation of the African Unity (African Union today) and Africa day, the IFP in Gauteng Province [IFP-GP] condemns violence against foreign nationals in Gauteng.


The IFP-GP finds it disconcerting and regrettable that these xenophobic attacks have once more flared up in our province of Gauteng. We strongly condemn this senseless violence. IFP-GP views the attacks on foreign shop owners in the Vaal region and Diepsloot as sickening and ridiculous. Especially, when one remembers that fifty years ago all Africans committed themselves to building a new continent of hope, with the concept of ubuntu as a key hallmark.


"The IFP-GP remains opposed to any form of violence whether directed at foreign nationals or South Africans. We are of the view that we as Gauteng government and citizens have a responsibility towards protecting foreign nationals who are legally here," IFP Provincial Chairperson, Nhlanhla Msimango said.


For the IFP-GP what is important though in this ongoing debate about these attacks, is for us as a society to understand that these attacks are no longer just influenced by local citizens' unhappiness with foreign nationals. During the build up to these attacks what was noticeable was that ordinary citizens had service delivery problems and these protests were then hijacked by certain unsavoury characters.


"While the IFP-GP acknowledges that there are foreign nationals that have not brought good things to South Africa, local communities with problems relating to foreign nationals need to remember the words of a Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius that: 'How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.' Let us learn to communicate our anger and resolve our differences rather than be violent," adds Msimango.


In this light, the IFP-GP heartens government to continue the fight against any form of violence and ensure that both foreign nationals and citizens leave without fear of falling victim to these irrational violent attacks.



Contact: IFP Provincial Chairperson, Nhlanhla Msimango, 074 2590 820


IFP Media Liaison Officer, Musa Ngobeni; 079 412 9757