IFPYB Says South Africa is in Trouble

28th September 2014.


IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP, has described South Africa as a country on the brink of collapse. Hlengwa was speaking in Okhahlamba (Bergville) shortly before concluding a 3 day working visit to the uThukela District, in the KZN Midlands in preparation for the 2016 Local Government Elections.


"South Africa will soon collapse if the ruling party continues to run this country like a spaza shop. All constitutional prescripts are being undermined and key constitutional institutions are being grossly undermined on a large scale," said Hlengwa.


Hlengwa further accused President Zuma of leading the country to its collapse. "Since 2007 Mr Zuma has plunged South Africa from one scandal to another. We are stranded with a President who is unfit to govern, who at every opportunity undermines and negates the Constitution because his first priority is to enrich himself at the expense of the poor, suffering and vulnerable. The ANC is just as guilty by aiding and abetting this treacherous leadership of the President," said Hlengwa.


"This week we witnessed the ruling party pull out every trick in the book to protect President Zuma in the Ad Hoc Parliamentary Committee on Nkandla and every effort of the Opposition Parties to protect, uphold and salvage our Constitution was rubbished by the ruling party," added Hlengwa.


Furthermore Hlengwa said, "The calls by Mr Gwede Mantashe that President Zuma must be protected in Parliament are a display of undemocratic tendencies. Mr Zuma must return to Parliament to answer questions and must be held accountable. We cannot allow a situation where we give Mr Zuma a blank cheque in leading this country. The Youth of South Africa have every reason to worry about their plight because South Africa is rotten from the very top."


Turning to the 2016 Local Government Elections Hlengwa said, "The IFP Youth Brigade is now firmly focused on the 2016 elections and every effort necessary is being pursued to ensure that the IFP does well in 2016, and the working visit to uThukela District is part of mobilising our structures into action for 2016."


Hlengwa added, "What is evident from the 2011 and 2014 elections is that the emergence of the NFP has benefitted the ANC more than anybody else because the NFP split the IFP vote. Therefore, we have charged all IFPYB structures from branch level to prioritise collapsing the NFP on all fronts. We have warned repeatedly that the NFP is an ANC proxy designed to collapse the IFP. Our members were duped into thinking that the NFP was a viable alternative whereas it's a monumental betrayal of democracy, as it is geared to ushering in an age of a one party dominance in KZN."


Hlengwa continued, "Ever since the NFP/ANC coalition took over the reins in 19 hung municipalities, service delivery has come to a grinding halt and corruption has become the new order. The IFP is yet again ready and available to restore order, progress and service delivery."


In conclusion Hlengwa said, "The IFP has a rich and proud legacy of good governance and quality service delivery to the people which must find expression in 2016. The IFP is the only party of hope in a stormy sea of failure, fraud, corruption and incompetence. We will continue to create a conducive political climate for NFP members to return; the IFP is their home."


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