Arrest of Sputla Mpungose - IFP Congratulates Police

March 29, 2005

The IFP's Spokesperson for KwaZulu-Natal, Mr Velaphi Ndlovu, MP, today congratulated the Police for the arrest of Mr Sputla Mpungose and his "bodyguards" on Friday, 25th March 2005, at Vryheid.

Mr Ndlovu said:

"We congratulate the Police for arresting Sputla Mpungose and his "bodyguards". According to information we received it is alleged that Mr Mpungose has been charged in connection with recent serious and violent crime in the KwaNongoma area."

"The arrest of Sputla Mpungose confirms recent concerns of the IFP about assassins in the Ulundi and Kwanongoma area. The IFP is encouraged that despite attempts to cover up and hide these realities the Police have done a professional job by arresting Sputla and his consorts."

"The IFP calls on the Police to further investigate all assassinations and murders of its leaders, especially since the arrest of Sputla Mpungose could reveal some startling information and evidence."

"The IFP hopes that the justice system does not fail the work done by the Police in the arrest of Sputla Mpungose. We call for a quick but thorough trial so that justice can be done and the people of KwaNongoma can have their faith in the police and the criminal justice system restored."

Mr V.B. Ndlovu - 083 625 0803