ANC’s Nigel Gumede Must Go

29 July 2013    



The IFP has called upon the ANC’s eThekwini Councillor Nigel Gumede to step down from the Council in the light of the Manase Report’s findings that some ANC Councillors sold RDP houses to the poor. The IFP said this in reaction to the revelations of the Manase Report reported in the media, which stated that “seven eThekwini councillors and several housing officials sold free RDP houses in Cato Manor to desperate home-seekers for between R1 000 and R20 000.” In a statement issued today, IFP Deputy National Spokesperson Joshua Mazibuko said:


“The revelations that some ANC Councillors and housing officials sold RDP houses which are supposed to be free, vindicate the findings the IFP released after our visits to Welberdacht East and Cato Manor several weeks ago. In both these areas residents told us that they had been made to pay for the RDP houses. Unfortunately, the Cato Manor residents were intimidated by alleged ANC-aligned thugs who accused them of bringing Inkatha into the area.


“What was worse however was that Councillor Nigel Gumede was quoted in the media defending the sale of RDP houses by trying to justify it. The revelations by the Manase Report therefore serve not just to vindicate the IFP. Importantly they are an indictment against Gumede for justifying corruption. In the light of these revelations, the IFP therefore calls on Gumede to step down from the Council for he has failed those he was supposed to serve. Should Gumede’s conscience be so seared that he sees nothing wrong in his statements, the ANC must recall him.”



For Further Information:


M. Joshua Mazibuko


IFP Deputy National Spokesperson: 083 992 6135