South Africa Needs to Double its Efforts to Fight HIV

29 November 2013    


The IFP believes that while government and civil society's efforts to combat the disease are laudable, South Africa needs to double its efforts to fight HIV as we mark World Aids Day.


IFP Women's Brigade national deputy chairperson, Ms Helen Makhuba, MP, said “We need to increase our free testing centres, and organisations that promote the importance of get tested need our support. The quality and approach of sex education in schools should be evaluated, and parents should be equipped to speak to their children about sex and its consequences”


Councillors and traditional leaders in rural communities need to take an active role in talking about HIV/AIDS, helping communities come alongside those who have contracted this disease in order to help them.


“We would like to see the national department of health conducting a survey of every province to obtain comprehensive information on, for example, how many patients it is treating, what budget it has allocated for ARVs, counselling and testing, and what its treatment success rate has been. This will allow comparisons between provinces so that weak systems can be identified and examples of best practice promoted. We further propose that there must be a circulation of the ARV drugs in the private and informal sectors” concluded Makhuba


World AIDS Day 2013 must be a signal for the end of an almost universally shambolic and destructive approach to confronting AIDS.


Issued by: 

Ms Helen Makhuba, IFPWB National Deputy Chairperson, 073 268 3063


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Mr Phendulani Biyase, IFP Media Liaison Officer on 073 024 5675