Statement of Clarity Regarding Allegations
of Secret Military Training Allegedly Confirmed by David Ntombela

30 May 2013    



On Monday, 27 May 2013, Sowetan Journalist Mr Mandla Zulu accused Mr David ‘Gandaganda’ Ntombela of confirming that more than 80 former SPU members were in an alleged IFP secret military training in KwaZulu-Natal. Mr Ntombela has denied these allegations stating that he has no records of speaking to anyone by the name of Mandla Zulu or any Journalist for that matter on this untrue issue.


“I know nothing about this secret military, how could I confirm something that I have no knowledge of. These are lies which are being spread to damage the name of the IFP and its President, the Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi,” said Mr Ntombela.


Mr Ntombela has found these allegations to be nothing but defamation of his Character and continuous propaganda aimed at the IFP. Mr Ntombela who is one of the long serving members of the IFP has been busy recruiting new members for the party which come from the ANC and the NFP not SPU members or anyone ‘undergoing’ secret military training.


“This slandering of the IFP will not stop people who have confidence in the party and who know that the IFP is the perfect alternative to the government of the day. Those who are hell bent on destroying the IFP must give up because the IFP is not going anywhere, we are here to stay,” said Mr Ntombela.


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