IFP Demands Nepotism Investigation by KZN Speaker

30 May 2014.


The IFP has called on the Speaker of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature, Ms Lydia Johnson, to urgently institute an independent investigation into allegations which appeared in Ilanga newspaper of Thursday, 29 May 2014. According to the Ilanga report, children of the Members of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature have taken the Legislature to the CCMA for its failure to honour an undertaking to employ them.


In reaction to Ilanga report, IFP Member of the Legislature, Joshua Mazibuko said the IFP was shocked by this revelation in Ilanga which smacked of nepotism. Mazibuko continued to say that “the very fact that those who took this action against the Legislature are children of Members leaves much to be desired because it gives an unfortunate impression that their internship was made possible by the fact that their parents have political influence as MPL’s.  


“Although we have no hard evidence whether or not this was the case, we believe that there is a prima facie case warranting such an investigation. For we find it strange that in Ilanga report all complainants are said to be children of Members.“ 


Further the report touches on the issue of Mr Wesley Canham who was expelled from the Legislature under mysterious circumstances.


“This report does not surprise us because during the last Parliament, we did raise Mr Canham’s issue and we also raise other matters which indicated that things are not right within Administration of the Legislature. Unfortunately we were ignored.


“These allegations compromise the integrity of the Legislature which is supposed to be exemplary at all times. Secondly, the reports demoralise officials of the Legislature, especially those who do not have relatives or connections within the Legislature.


“It is against this background that we call on the Speaker, Hon. Lydia Johnson to urgently institute an independent investigation into these allegations. This investigation must clarify whether or not there was nepotism in the employment of these children. Secondly it must tell us whether they were promised full time employment, and if so why that promise was not fulfilled. Lastly it must investigate conditions under which officials in the Legislature are working for we are suspect that some of them are not happy at all.”



For Further Information:

M. Joshua Mazibuko, IFP MPL

083 992 6135