Government At A Loss on How to Solve Municipal Crisis

30 August 2013    


The IFP has raised its grave concern about the crisis in municipal governance in South Africa, and calls on the Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Lechesa Tsenoli, to implement new strategies to deal with this problem.


IFP Spokesperson on Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mr Peter Smith said, "that despite significant financial and other support provided to the local government sphere, it is clear that too many municipalities continue to struggle."


As but one example of failure, he said, "Government has failed to make a significant dent in the capacity crisis facing the sphere as a whole and this is a major contributor to the service delivery crisis in much of the country." He pointed to the shortage of key personnel in financial management, technical skills and engineering, claiming that, "Government has in large part underestimated the severity of the challenge and has accordingly failed to plan appropriately."


Likewise, Smith claimed the government has failed to deal satisfactorily with the cadre deployment crisis and weak local political leadership in which narrow political ambition trumps responsible governance and what should be a positive response to community needs.


And to compound what has become a crisis, "Government has failed to ensure that there is proper accountability for failure", thereby exacerbating the now-prevalent trend of rewarding incompetence."


He called on the new Minister to demonstrate that he is able to do what his predecessors have failed to do, viz, to ensure that people's trust in municipal government improves. "It is a sad fact that the key intervention spearheaded by the President in 2009 to turn around failing municipal governance has failed to reverse the downward spiral of many municipalities. The new minister must show whether he has the vision to succeed."



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IFP spokesperson on Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs,

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