November 30, 2005

The IFP has the following messages on World AIDS Day:

To President Mbeki:

Come off the fence. Speak openly and regularly about HIV. Admit the high profile people who are dying of HIV and become a role model for openness.

To people with HIV/AIDS:

Take heart and find a centre that provides anti retrovirals. Conventional medication together with vitamins, exercise, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle will give you a long and happy life.

Be open and spread the word about HIV, thereby breaking the stigma and helping your fellows not to become infected.

To young people who are not infected:

Stay that way. Have one sexual partner and know that person's HIV status.

Convert your sexual energy into sport, exercise and other active healthy lifestyle pursuits.

To married couples:

Be faithful and if you suspect that your partner is not, both of you must have regular HIV tests.

To couples about to be married:

Have yourselves tested for HIV before you have penetrative sex or try to have children.

To parents:

Talk to your children about sex and teach them the dangers of becoming HIV infected.

To doctors:

Do HIV tests on all your patients who appear to require it, tell all of them their results, counsel them and inform their spouses if they are positive.

To statisticians:

Don't research the obvious. Provide us with current data and realistic figures on how may people are tested, how many are infected, how many have died and how many are on treatment.

To donor organisations:

Don't work only with and through government. Find a way to fund and hold accountable NGOs that have no link with the ruling party.

To Minister Manto Shabalala Msimang:

Drop Dr Raath and work with all the international donors who are longing to assist you fight the epidemic. Provide mores tests, nevirapine for pregnant women and give the provinces autonomy to roll out the antiretroviral process.

Implement the IFP's health policy to make your health system efficient, accountable and compassionate, so that your health services can contribute to the solution and not to the problem.

To all South Africans:

Hold government accountable. Get involved and make sure you use your power through the ballot box.

Dr Ruth Rabinowitz M.P(MB BCh)
Cell: 082 579 3698