Mananse Report - The IFP Will Only Believe It When It Happens

31 May 2013      


In light of the announcement by KZN Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC, Ms Nomsa Dube, that the Manase Report will be released within a few days, the IFP eThekwini Caucus Chairperson, Mr Mdu Nkosi, responded as follows: 


"We believe that MEC Dube is acting as a result of legal pressure exerted by the IFP.  In December last year the IFP applied to the High Court to compel the eThekwini Municipality to release the Manase Report.  We had initially listed the MEC for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs as a second respondent, but this was removed after the MEC's office produced evidence that they had actually also instructed the Municipality to release the report to political parties within the Municipality in June last year and to the public that July", Mr Nkosi said.  


Mr Nkosi continued, "This did not happen as the Report was not released - a clear defiance of the MEC's instructions. MEC Dube did not publically put pressure on the eThekwini Municipality to release the report. The Mayor, Councillor Nxumalo, then publically indicated that the Report would be released in December 2012.  This did not happen."  


"Even though the MEC has a constitutional right and responsibility to intervene and restore order and accountability where she deems necessary, it was apparent that political interests were prioritised over public interest and accountability", Mr Nkosi stated. 


"The IFP had taken the eThekwini Municipality to court in December 2012 to ensure that the Manase Report is released.  Our legal representatives had given the eThekwini Municipality until 31st May 2013 to release the Report or alternatively present their case in court, where we have set down application to compel for 18th June 2013," Mr Nkosi said. 


"eThekwini ratepayers and the public have waited years for the Manase Report to be released.  It has occupied much Council and public debate from the IFP and other opposition parties and even an application to Court by the IFP to try convince the eThekwini Municipality to release the Manase Report.  Even now, we do not trust this announcement, as each time an announcement has been made it was not fulfilled," Mr Nkosi stated. 


"We will not allow the eThekwini Municipality to fail ratepayers. They must be accountable and transparent. Ratepayers have a right to information.  We will do all it takes to ensure that the rights of ratepayers are upheld.

The IFP will be monitoring the situation and if and when the Manase Report is released, will ensure that any corruption is dealt with legally.  We will also make sure that nothing is left out from the original Report and if anything is missing we will proceed with the matter in Court.  We are doing this to fulfil our fiduciary duties and responsibilities with public funds.

We will fight the eThekwini Municipality to the highest Court in the Country if need be," Mr Nkosi concluded. 


For further information contact:


Mr Mdu Nkosi




076 133 1382