IFP Condemns Abuse Of Women's Rights
by Mrs Helen Makhuba MP



National Assembly Cape Town: Thursday, 01 September 2011



Honourable Speaker


Two weeks ago, Precious Msibi, a female worker at an Mbombela wholesaler in Nelspruit, was made to strip naked in front of her colleagues, men and women, by her manager to prove that she was indeed a woman.


This cruel and humiliating act has not only stripped Ms Msibi of her dignity and self-worth, but she is now without an income as well, as the incident has left her too traumatized to return to her workplace.


This heart-wrenching and shocking story reveals that many South African women are still open to abuse, not only at home but at their workplaces as well.


This inhumane act was in clear breach of our Constitution, which affords us all the right to dignity and human rights. This incident once again proves that despite the efforts we have made with regard to women's rights in South Africa, and despite the focus on women's issues each year during Women's month, much more must be done to protect our women and children.


The IFP welcomes Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant's strong condemnation of this incident. However, the IFP is disappointed to learn that, despite the fact that Ms Msibi was assured by police that an arrest was imminent, nothing has happened.


Women's rights in South Africa should not only take centre stage in August, but throughout the year. The adherence to, and lack thereof, of women's rights is an important indicator of the well-being of any nation. The IFP calls on the authorities to deal swiftly and ruthlessly with those who show utter disdain for our Constitution and women's rights in general.


I thank you.


Contact: Mrs Helen Makhuba MP, 073 268 3063.