Debate On The Introduction Of The Financial Management
Of KZN Legislature Bill

By Roman Liptak MPL



Nongoma: Wednesday, 2 June 2010




Mr Speaker


To date, the financial management of this Legislature has raised serious questions about the lack of transparency and accountability.


On the one hand, the Legislature has been treated like a government department - with a separate vote in the provincial budget and a corresponding bureaucracy with a Head of Department as its Accounting Officer.


On the other hand, the conventional lines of accountability have not applied. Members of this House have not been able to play an effective oversight role by, for example, posing parliamentary questions to the Speaker as is the convention with the Premier and the MECs in other government departments.


This has led to a situation where the management of the Legislature - and especially its financial management - has largely been shrouded in secrecy. As a result, we have seen some gross instances of irregular expenditure and a lack of transparency in supply chain management and appointment of staff. These issues are well documented, not least in Annual Reports by the Auditor-General.


Madam Speaker, the bottom line is that the Legislature, whose role it is to oversee the executive, has not led by example by not allowing adequate oversight of its own management and activities.


We in the Official Opposition hope that the new legislative framework will rectify this situation. In particular, our hopes are set on the new oversight committee, which we will urge to discharge its duties with determination and vigour.


I thank you.


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