Budget Vote 24 - Police (Including ICD)

By Hon Velaphi Ndlovu MP


6th May 2010


Honourable Speaker,


The South Africa Police Services have the great responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of all persons and property within our borders.


Their task is often dangerous and for the most part thankless. The IFP wishes to say to the South African Police men and woman of our country "Thank you, your work and sacrifices do not go un-noticed."


Unfortunately neither do your shortcomings and we would like to take this opportunity to highlight those which we feel are most pressing;


Police Officers are often placed in harms way and have the sanctioned use of lethal force if it is necessary to either protect themselves or civilians.

This has led to the "Shoot to Kill" slogan being used by the Department and adopted somewhat as a standard practice within the police force. We hope this does not degenerate into a "Shoot first and ask questions later" policy and that all police members are effectively trained and made aware of the situations in which lethal force may and may not be used.  This is very necessary in order to protect our most vulnerable from becoming innocent casualties in the event of a shootout between the police and the criminals.


Discipline, Discipline, Discipline must be inculcated within the ranks.

South Africa is not a Police State in which the Police officers are above the law. Police Officers who transgress the law or who abuse their powers must be identified immediately and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


To this end, the Independent Complaints Directorate must be given the necessary legislative backing to be able to operate effectively within their assigned mandate. The citizens of our country deserve to feel and be safe when dealing with any Police Officer.


The IFP believes that all people are equal and as such see no difference in the importance of a farm worker or a farm owner being murdered. They are both horrific acts of violence and must receive equal attention by the police investigative units. No life is more important than another.


Ukufakwa kwamapoyisa kwaNongoma kanye nakwezinye izindawo ukuba ahlukumeze abantu ebusuku lokho akwamukeleki neze mhlonishwa. Yini indala ukuthi amaphoyisa afike emzini yabantu ebusuku, futhi engaziphethe izincwadi zokuphenya avuse abantu abahambise benqunu phambi kwemindeni uma engatholi lutho angaxolisi futhi ngakwenzileyo? Ngabe amaphoyisa asasetshenziswa yini ngokwezombusazwe na? Kwenziwelani lokho kubantu abamnyama na?


Another issue we must raise is that of the relationship between the Department and the Stakeholders Unions. The animosity between the two must be mediated so that the Police Force can always function at optimal levels in the execution of their mandate. 


Besides Ill-discipline, a police Force cannot function correctly when it is not properly equipped. Some Police officers do not have bullet proof vests, yet they are expected to place themselves in harms way.


Police Crime scene Investigators have outdated, damaged or no equipment with which to assist them in their forensic investigations.


Some Police stations have no operational patrol vehicles. Why is it that some Police Stations are favoured above others and seem to receive greater logistical support than others? All police stations should be equal in terms of logistical support, which should be based upon demographics, and the IFP tasks the minister to address this aspect of his portfolio as a matter of urgency.


Why is it that a certain Police Charge Office is being moved out of a crime infested area in Woodstock? Moves such as this do not inspire public confidence in the Police Force.


Why it is that two suspected murderers are released from a charge office in Pretoria because they were not formally charged? Are our Policemen being properly trained? Who is at fault when situations like this occur?


We are looking forward to safe, secure and incident free World Cup. Our Police Force say that they are ready for the World Cup and the IFP says that it is ready to support them in their efforts.


Make our country proud by hosting the safest World Cup ever.


We support the vote.


I thank you.


Mr Velaphi Ndlovu
083 625 0803.