Co-operative Government and Traditional Affairs Budget Vote 3
By Honourable Prince MMM Zulu MP


National Assembly: Cape Town, 8th June 2011 

Honourable Chairperson

This department sits with the mandate of creating an integrated and effective government system whilst including communities to achieve sustainable development. Its mission as it stands is to facilitate cooperative government, support provinces and local government in fulfilling their constitutional and legal obligations, and at the same time promote traditional affairs along with other institutions. However, in reality this ideal has been trampled underfoot by the greed and corruption of many government officials delaying progress.

Its is no secret that service delivery is in crisis in the country with reference to protests resulting to the death of certain civilians and most notably to the damage of property and infrastructure. This kind of behaviour can not be tolerated. Therefore, government should provide a platform to uplift municipalities so that they perform to their maximum capacity by improving their financial and administration capability to facilitate economic development at local level.

Moreover, impact assessments should be conducted and continuous monitoring must take place to strengthen the capacity and capability of the Department to deliver its mandate, and where principals are lacking corrections should be instantly implemented across all three spheres of the government.

On the other hand, the department should be complimented for efforts to reduce excessive government spending. However, a decrease in programmes such as Disaster and Response Management from 2011-2014 expenditure limits the functioning of this sector with reference to changing weather patterns, especially in Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape where damages from mother nature have been frequent, whereas all other sectors are increasing their expenditure which is unjustifiable.

Therefore, corruption has no place in government or the time to entertain such, thus the guilty should be prosecuted. There is no place for self serving officials in government.

I thank you

Prince MMM Zulu