Public Services and Administration Budget Vote 12
By Honourable Prince MMM Zulu MP


National Assembly: Cape Town, 8th June 2011 

Honourable Chairperson

The main task of this Department is to organize and administrate public service of our country to improve service delivery. Outbreaks of continuous service delivery protests, occurring nation wide, in some instances resulting in the death of innocent individuals, are evidence of poor delivery. Moreover, property and infrastructure is damaged. Such situations should not be allowed to arise since they delay growth in our societies. We should engage far more citizens on service delivery requirements and deliver on those requirements, and then situations like the recent Ficksburg protests will not occur.  This is not rocket science!

The Department seems to be prioritizing urban areas and sidelining rural areas. Citizens who live in remote areas still lack basic infrastructure, utilities and have limited access to government services. They travel long distances to reach service points in the nearest town only to be turned back in some instances. This can be extremely costly to an already financially needy person. Vulnerable groups include women, children and the disabled. Therefore facilities should not be centralized or monopolized which will effectively only complicate the lives of the already disadvantaged. The Inkatha Freedom Party would like to see great deal more being done in the rural and outlying areas by the Department.

Government officials should distance themselves from corruption because it delays development in our communities which is already over due. Therefore as the Inkatha Freedom Party we command the Department to test its policies and regulations which have been adopted and implemented. One such policy is the Financial Disclosure Framework for senior managers, which requires them to disclose information on all their registrable interests to be scrutinized by PSC, so as to identify potential conflicts of interest. However, 1743 failed to comply as reported in the 2008/2009 PSC report. Hence, we await for disciplinary steps to be taken by the Department.

Most importantly corruption has no place in government and the guilty should be prosecuted.

Therefore the IFP wants to see transformation through sustainable development and implementation of policies as well as frameworks to ensure maximum service delivery for all South African Citizens.

The IFP supports this budget subject to the above corrections.

I thank you

Prince MMM Zulu