IFP Member's Statement on Police Brutality
By Mr Velaphi Ndlovu MP


National Assembly: Cape Town, 9th June 2011   

Honourable Speaker:


Police brutality has hit the headlines again. This time, our police officers allegedly assaulted Cape Town based international music duo, Locnville at a filling station in Claremont, Cape Town, during the early hours of this morning.


Locnville's Andrew Chaplin alleges that he and his brother, Brian Chaplin, and a friend were stopped by police officers after a verbal altercation with another group of people.


Brian Chaplin was then pepper sprayed for no apparent reason, and their friend was grievously assaulted by the police officers, which resulted in him sustaining a broken nose.


Police brutality is now becoming a daily occurrence with no apparent checks or balances, apart from the ICD which itself admits to having no teeth. They admit to not having the authority to bring police officers who abuse their powers to account.


The signs are unmistakable. The IFP believes that the SAPS needs to be urgently reigned in at the highest levels of government. If not, South Africa will be turned into a failed police state.


I thank you.

Contact: Velaphi Ndlovu MP, on 083 625 0803