In Celebration Of National Women's Day
Message From Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP
Delivered On His Behalf By Mr Bonginkosi Dhlamini MPL


Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane: 9 August 2011


The Constitution of South Africa tells us that women are equal in dignity and equally entitled to their freedoms and rights. If one were to describe women in South Africa, these would be the broad brush strokes on the canvass of society. The finer details describe our women far better; they are teachers, innovators, leaders, mothers, motivators, workers and artists. Our women represent the diversity of our nation.


On this Women's Day, the IFP is proud to salute South Africa's women. We celebrate all that has been achieved in the protection and advancement of women's rights throughout our history. We know that a victory for women is a victory for all. It is true that when the weakest link in any society is strengthened, the whole becomes stronger.


The sacrifices and perseverance of generations past have ensured that women are no longer the weakest link in our society. Undoubtedly, there are more vulnerable South Africans who require our care and protection, such as the disabled and impoverished. But as we seek to strengthen this link, let us not forget the lessons we have learned in the struggle for women's rights.


The IFP recognizes the ongoing need to enhance women's opportunities to economic empowerment. The majority of our supporters are women, and the IFP speaks with the voice of the poorest South Africans. We know that a great need exists to help our women help themselves.


Skills training and greater access to financial assistance are but the beginning. Entrepreneurs often need expert guidance to navigate regulations, marketing principles and business sustainability. This can only happen in an environment of philanthropy and cross-pollination between industries, professionals and entrepreneurs. Ultimately the creation of this environment depends on Government.


As we celebrate Women's Day 2011, let us each do what it takes to help someone else succeed.


Contact: Bonginkosi Dhlamini MPL, 083 254 8576.