Transport Laws Repeal Bill - IFP Response
 By Mr Eric J. Lucas - MP



10 September 2010



Honourable Speaker


The IFP understands that the Transport Laws Repeal Bill urgently requires simplification.  In addition all obsolete and (at times) extremely primitive legislation also requires eradication.


For instance, there are currently twenty Railway Construction Acts, which allow for the construction of equipment at various places within our country. These laws are often outdated and we believe that the industry must be broadened in order for the greater part of our country to benefit.  It is as necessary as a dental root canal procedure, but will hopefully be far less painful.


The Bill targets for repeal or amendment, legislation which has been identified by the South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) as being inconsistent with the equality clause in the Constitution, or redundant and obsolete.


I am sure we all agree that legislation which is no longer of any practical import and utility has no place in effective governance. Legislation which continues to have legal effect even when the purposes for which it was enacted no longer exists, or is being met by alternative means, must likewise be repealed.


Our rail system is in urgent need of modernization. The IFP believes that this is a most opportune time to consider wide gauge railway lines as well as the manufacture of more commuter-friendly coaches.


In conclusion, the IFP therefore supports the culling of all unnecessary, obsolete and redundant laws because they impact negatively upon service delivery.


I thank you.


Mr Eric J Lucas

082 557 2481