Condolence Speech
Alina Rantsolase MP
 By Hon VB Ndlovu



10 November 2010 


Honourable Speaker

The IFP offers its deepest and most sincere condolences on behalf of the entire party to the family and friends of Alina Rantsolase on her untimely and very sad passing.

Alina was a truly a leader of the people, a leader who walked her talk no matter the political consequences and a leader who by so doing gained the admiration and respect of all who knew her.

Her untimely passing will leave a vacuum which we can only hope will be filled by another rising star of the same ilk as Alina Rantsolase.

Alina rose to the stellar heights of parliamentary service to her nation and her people from humble beginnings as a shop steward at Checkers. Her exemplary work ethic and relentless pursuit of not only self betterment but also betterment of the people led Alina on a sure path into politics, a path which in Alina’s case rewarded hard work and ethical behaviour with greater responsibilities and duties, which I might add, she never shirked.

Alina was one of this parliament’s unsung heroines, a daughter to the family of the Parliament of South Africa and we will miss you.

May you rest in peace and in the knowledge that you truly made a difference.

I thank you