Debate on Taking Parliament to the People
By Prince Muntukaphiwana.M.M.Zulu MP

National Assembly: Cape Town, 11 November 2011 


Kwakukulezizinkalo Isilo uCetshwayo ka Mpande naMabutho kaZulu babebambene ngezihluthu naMabutho eNdluvukazi yamaNgisi, Isilo sasoNdini senza unikelo kuleliZwe.

It is no secret that service delivery in South Africa is very slow and the province of KwaZulu Natal is no stranger to that. Therefore it is the duty of the government to speed up this process so that people and places benefit.

Moreover, South Africa adopted the concept of cooperative government in the 1996 Constitution. This simply refers to a coordination and communication between different levels of the Government, that is from National, Provincial to local level. It is important to stress that these spheres are in no competition with one another but they should complement one another. Thus one level should not act alone or make a decision solely.

Another provoking problem in service delivery is when spheres undermine one another, especially with reference to Local and Provincial Government from different parties having a collision and a conflict of interest.

As the IFP we emphasize that service delivery should speed up in South Africa so that people benefit and to make their lives easier. We also acknowledge the existence of UKUSEBENZA NGOKUBAMBISANA in this province and that the money allocated for roads, housing, clinic improvement and school renovations is utilised whilst avoiding corruption, over and under spending of funds.

Lastly, if we are looking forward to an improved South Africa in future where service delivery is accomplished and everyone is at an advantage of improving their livelihood, all Governmental spheres should work together with reference to the wave of protests which have been occurring across South African townships over service delivery from the previous years.

I thank you
Prince M M M Zulu