Condolence Motion
for the Former Deputy Minister Cheryl Gillwald
Tribute by Mr J H Van Der Merwe MP


National Assembly: 12 August 2010 


Mr Speaker:


The IFP joins other parties in expressing condolences to the bereaved family and friends of our dear former colleague, Cheryl Gillwald.


We as the IFP, and I as a member of the Justice Committee, had the privilege of working alongside Ms Gillwald in Parliament for many years.


I vividly remember Cheryl as a charming person whose doors were always open to her colleagues. She had a beautiful smile and a warm personality.


The tragedy is that she now cannot continue to make the contributions she offered in terms of development, human rights and the ongoing struggle for social justice and the eradication of poverty.


But as we mourn her passing, we must also remember with gratitude the achievements she did attain within the time allotted to her.


. We remember Ms Gillwald as playing a leading role in the mission to create a human rights culture in South Africa.


. We remember her for the work she did to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans.


. We remember her passion for the rights of women and children.


. We remember her contribution to governance and development.


Throughout her political career, Ms Gillwald displayed an outstanding work ethic and we were impressed by her skills and leadership capacities.


Death is a particularly difficult, but totally unavoidable bridge to cross and we all have to face that moment. I myself sometimes feel so unprepared for death, as death could take us at any moment.


The lesson we are to take to heart today, is that we should all meditate more about our own approaching final moments.


On behalf of the Inkatha Freedom Party, I offer condolences and deepest sympathies to Ms Gillwald's family.


Koos van der Merwe MP
082 444 4944