Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill
 By Hon. HS Msweli


15 March 2011



Honourable Speaker

The Inkatha Freedom Party welcomes the Basic Education Laws amendment Bill.

However, the department must continue to look closely at the following areas;

  1. Continuous professional Development of our teachers must be provided for by the South African Council for Educators (SACE). This is a non-negotiable and the IFP do not agree with teacher training being subject to funds being available from the Department.

  2. The clause which prevents party political activity at schools during school hours is welcomed by the IFP but what about the huge amount of disruptions at schools that are brought about by the activities of certain unions? The school arena must be such that only educational activities are allowed therein. Anything less and we are failing our children. The Department must ensure that anything of a non-educational nature must be banned from school grounds during school operating hours.

  3. Our teachers must realize that they are the guardians of our children’s education. They are therefore duty bound like any other essential service in this country to place the needs of their wards before their own needs. Last year many teachers failed the youth of our country by embarking upon an extended strike just before the matric exams. This cannot and must not be allowed to occur again.

In conclusion the Inkatha Freedom Party also wishes to congratulate the Minister and Department on a job well done in respect of the high pass and exemption rate of students. This was achieved despite many obstacles and it is a testament to both the Department and the students that such good results were achieved.

The Inkatha Freedom Party support the bill.

I thank you.