Second Reading Debate South African Post Office Limited Bill
Speech By Rev. K M Zondi MP


National Assembly:  16 August 2011 



Honourable Speaker,


I rise to express the support of the IFP for the South African Post Office Limited Bill. Indeed when the Bill was passed by the Portfolio Committee on Communications, it received unanimous support but we felt that even though there were no controversies left, it was important for the Parties to be given an opportunity to briefly express themselves on the Bill in view of the fact that the passage of this Bill was a matter of significant historical importance not only for the Post Office itself but for the country as a whole.


Why is this the case?  Without delving much into details, it suffices to say that a lot has changed in the postal and telecommunications industry from the days when this industry was governed by a sort of omnibus legislation, namely the Post Office No. 44 of 1958.


Developments in the industry necessitated the separation of the Postal Services from the telecommunications sector. Further reforms in the sector extended the mandate of the Post Office to include the use of information and communication technology infrastructure, as well as the offering of services other than the traditional postal services.


However, this created a situation where the Post Office was not governed by a single Act, but by a variety of pieces of legislation promulgated at different stages and not only focusing on the provision of the core postal services that the Post Office was supposed to deliver to the South African public. This then necessitated a new piece of legislation which would provide a comprehensive legal framework addressing corporate governance of the Post Office in a single Act focusing on the Post Office as a legal entity, which this Bill before the National Assembly does. 


We hope that now we have given the Post Office a new up-to-date legislative framework within which to operate, it will be possible for the Post Office to live up to the imperatives of transformation and to the expectations of particularly, the poorest of the poor. We would be happier to see the Post Office expand its services to the under-serviced areas of our country in order for it to effectively contribute towards the alleviation of poverty.


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