Taking Parliament to the People of the Free State
Debate in the National Council of Provinces
Response by Prince MMM Zulu

16 February 2011 


The taking Parliament to the people programme is another way of involving and serving the interests of our fellow countrymen simultaneously. This programme is required because we are currently sitting in a state of massive basic service delivery failure. Therefore this is an opportunity for fellow South Africans to see government in action from its different spheres at national, provincial and local governance. This also engages parliamentarians with first hand experiences on what the community at large requires.

It is disturbing for Dr Zweli Mkhize to debate matters concerning the IFP in this session which is not the main focus and theme for today. Furthermore the defense from the ANC that it did not have a hand in the conflicts and separation of the IFP is a fallacy because noMthakathi akavumi ukuthi uyathakatha nami angilindele ukuthi iANC ivume ukuthi konke lokhu kuyiqiniso. But leadership of the ANC bangene shi ezindabeni ze IFP with reference to the affidavits provided.

Those in the leadership include: the Honourable Tokyo Sexwale, the ANC Women’s League, Mishack Radebe, the Secretary of COSATU in KZN, the Chairperson and Counsellor Mavundla in Bhambatha Region including your President Jecob Zuma was involved since he spoke to Prince KwaPhindangene advising him to step down as a party leader.

Therefore I do not understand his (Dr Zweli Mkhize) basis and defense. Thus, my advice to the Chairperson is not to allow such situations in the House again.

I thank you 

Hon Prince MMM Zulu