Human Settlements : Budget Vote 31
By Hon KP Sithole MP


National Assembly, 19th April 2011 

Honourable Chairperson

2014 is the target date scheduled by the Department of Human Settlements for the eradication of the still existing 2700 informal settlements in our country. The IFP would like the Minister to advise this house if this deadline is still going to be met by the Department as we note that there is no allocation in the budget for the formalization of informal settlements.

Hostels, such as the ones situate in Thokoza, Alexandria, Benoni as well as Imbali in Pietermaritzburg are very badly run down and in desperate need of maintenance and upgrading. No budget is allocated for this?  Why not? Recent service delivery protests which have been happening around the country all started because of poor service delivery in the area of Human Settlements. Bulk Infrastructure must be made available before any natural catastrophe occurs like a South African Tsunami.

The backyard dwellers are another group that is being neglected by Human Settlements and we would like to see some directives from the Department as to how we are to go about re-settling these people or at least a directive on how to supply the backyard dwellers with basic services such as electricity, water and sewage.

The RDP housing scheme is plagued by poor building practices which are largely due to fraud and corruption within the department in relation to the associated tender process involved with RDP housing schemes. Rectification because of inferior workmanship has resulted in extra costs of many billions of Rands and should be wholly unnecessary.  KULESIXAKAXA SESINYIKINYIKI SOKUCITHEKA KWEZIMALI IBIKUPHI NHBRC

Mr Minister how many additional RDP houses could we have built with the 330 million rand we have wasted on rectification in the last year alone? We suggest the Minister be called the Minister of Rectification and this department be renamed the Department of Rectification.

Tenders are awarded to contractors that are unable to perform the work required of them because of their Departmental ties, being friends or family of officials. We look forward to the development of 500 new low cost homes in uMsinga and hope that this construction will herald a change in the way things are done by the Department. SETHEMBA UKUTHI AKUZUKUBA UKUKHOHLISWA OSEKWAPHILWA NJE NGAKHO

Illegal occupation of RDP houses is another example of the failure of the Department eg Edenpark and Diepsloot. Allocation of houses is determined upon the basis of who you know within the department and how much you can pay as bribe money. The IFP urges the minister to implement effective oversight controls over the allocation of RDP houses and deal resolutely with any officials found guilty of corrupt activity.

Comparing the 2010 and 2011 budget allocations we note a significant decrease in the budget for Housing planning and delivery support as well as strategic relations and governance. Mr Minister can you advise this house as to why you are still paying bonuses to those managers and officials who continue to fail at their performance mandates?


Municipalities that are accredited by the Department without first checking their capacities to provide service delivery to communities must be addressed. Does the Minister have any monitoring mechanisms in place in respect of these municipalities?

Currently the Department has a combined provincial backlog of over 2 million houses that need to be built. How does the Department intend dealing with this backlog?

One last question Mr Minister, in 2009 you ran a big media and public relations campaign in which you apparently spent the night at an informal residence at the Diepsloot informal settlement. Did you in fact, Mr Minister, spend the entire night at Diepsloot ? Kindly answer this house.

The IFP supports the budget VOTE.

I thank you.

Hon KP Sithole