Correctional Services : Budget Vote 21
By Hon Prince Zulu MP


National Assembly, 19th April 2011 

Honourable Chairperson

Over the years the numbers of escapes from prisons have escalated, which is evidence of imbalances in the Correctional Department, because as the Inkatha Freedom Party we believe this is a result of the corruption and unfaithfulness of certain employers. Therefore, we call for discipline and dismissal of corrupt individuals.

Furthermore, it is unjust to release prisoners with chronic diseases, or due to health reasons, to serve their sentences outside, whereas in a long run they are seen participating in controversial activities such as playing golf. This not only undermines final judgments from the courts but it weakens our law.

There is no validity on the renaming of Prisons and placing this as a priority, whereas there are important issues such as employing more staff to work in prisons, because currently prison warders work seven days a week which is not good for both the warders well being and for the department as well as the prisoners.

Therefore, as the Inkatha Freedom Party, we recommend that the department should consider involving the community and entrepreneurs to facilitate in creating a safe society and in the building of these facilities. The Department should also consider exploring skills and the capacity of the inmates to build Correctional Institutions.

I thank you
Hon: Prince Zulu