Members' Statements - Libya
By Mr Ben Skosana MP

National Assembly Cape Town: Tuesday, 20 September 2011 



Hon Speaker:


One of man's higher purposes is to liberate himself or herself from physical, spiritual and psychological bondage. It must therefore have been in that spirit and for the same cause that the people of Libya rebelled against what they felt was an unjust authoritarian rule under Colonel Gaddafi.


This House together with His Excellency President Jacob Zuma and Hon Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, must be appalled by the reports and ugly visions of relentless pursuit, torture and barbaric lynching of many Black Africans in Libya suspected of being pro-Gaddafi mercenaries, by the anti-Gaddafi rebel forces.


Unfortunately their Black pigmentation is instantly associated with mercenary activities without any concrete evidence. This is reminiscent of the evil psych-historical fantasies so frequently used to consign the "darker nations" to the fields of inhuman treatment.


This House should for this reason urge President Zuma to raise this form of persecution of Black Africans in Libya with the AU Leaders and the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr Ban Ki-Moon at the UN meeting this week, and ask for an immediate halt to these unlawful executions feeding on race prejudice.


I thank you.


Contact: Mr Ben Skosana MP, on 082 656 4138.