Debate on Home Affairs Budget Vote 4
By Honourable Prince MMM Zulu MP


National Assembly: Cape Town, 21st June 2011 

Honourable Chairperson

Home Affairs is the heart of the nation because it is a custodian, protector and a verifier of identity and status of all fellow South Africans. It also administers the movement of foreigners who are visiting, working or staying in our country through ports of entry. It also determines the status of asylum seekers and refugees on a par with international obligation. Hence this Department contributes significantly to national security and international relations.

However, the recent increase in the cost of Identity Documents from R20 to R140 and passports from R190 to R400 is preposterous. These rates are too much for the poor and the unemployed including individuals whose documents have been stolen, who are getting married or divorced. These rates will delay peoples development and progress since they will not be able to apply for these important documents. Therefore as the Inkatha Freedom Party we propose a decrease of the above mentioned rates to eliminate chaos in our country, because this can lead to corruption.

This Department is no stranger to crime and corruption leading to backlogs to service delivery. We then plead with the Department to attend to such. Moreover, the IFP urges the Minister to re-think the scrapping of the ‘Immigration Practitioner’ by the Department in section because it will promote corruption within the Department.

Moreover, Refugee Reception Offices require proper infrastructure and sanitation facilities - for example the Lindela detention pending deportation facility requires additional toilets at the medical clinic, since both male and female use the same toilet. The clinic saw 14568 persons from April to June 2010. Hence such conditions are not conducive to the health workers or the patients.

Home Affairs carries a mandate to care for its citizens and foreigners in harmony. Thus it should carry this mandate.

The IFP supports this vote

I thank you

Prince MMM Zulu