Condolence Motion
Ambassador Jannie Momberg
By Velaphi Ndlovu MP

National Assembly: 22 February 2011 

It was with a heavy heart that the Inkatha Freedom Party learnt of the sad passing of Ambassador Jannie Momberg on the 7th January this year. 

Jannie or “Jan Bek” as he was known within political circles had a distinguished career spanning over more than 50 years beginning firstly with the National Party within whose ranks he rose to become of the parties leading parliamentarians. In 1989 he was instrumental in the founding of the Democratic Party and in 1991 joined the ANC after its unbanning. 

Jannie climbed swiftly through the ranks of the ANC becoming one of the parties first parliamentarians in 1994 serving his time as House Whip and Chair of the programming committee with his prior parliamentary experience proving to be an invaluable guiding light to his party in navigating the highways and by-ways of parliamentary procedure. 

He was also directly involved at community level, and in particular at the various informal settlements in and around the Western Cape which he vehemently defended against all opposition. 

In 2001 Jannie received the Ambassadorship to Greece, a post which he served with the utmost aplomb and distinction, thereafter finally retiring to Muizenberg, Cape Town with his wife Trinnie and keeping himself busy with various business ventures and in spending time with his family especially his grand children whom he loved very dearly. 

Jannie, as was mentioned at his funeral service in Stellenbosch, was a “bridge builder”, a “peacemaker”, a critical link between two deeply divided traditional and political cultures. This role came at no small cost to Jannie personally which is in itself a testament to the strength of the character of the man, as they say “Cometh the hour, cometh the man” and Jannie Momberg was truly one of these special individuals. 

Jannie had a great love for sport and was directly involved in SA Athletics at local, national and international levels, one of the highlights of his ambassadorship being the hosting of the South African Olympic team at his ambassadorial residence in Athens during the Olympic games.  

South Africa truly needs more individuals of the calibre, character and  vision of Jannie Momberg and we as the Inkatha Freedom Party for humbly salute and thank Mr Momberg for his most noble efforts and the role he played in creating a unified South Africa.

I thank you.