Debate On Working Together to Respond to the
Developmental Challenges Facing Our Communities
Speech By Hon Prince Zulu


National Assembly : 22nd March 2011

Honourable Chairperson and the Deputy President of the Country

It is not a secret that development in our country is slow owing to problems associated by inheriting the undemocratic South Africa. However, dwelling on this past is of no use because our people are busy suffering. Therefore, as the government it is our duty to be interacting with South African communities so as to deliver fundamental services for their livelihoods.

It is also important to note that development means improvement. Since South Africa is a developing country it is every ones right in the country to be included in that development so that all individuals are equal. Moreover, limited development sidelines certain individuals such that their lives are stagnant. Therefore, as the Inkatha Freedom Party we propose that development should address municipalities at Grade 2-3 levels which are without a Revenue Base. This is because without a structured Revenue Base municipalities will be powerless since they depend on government grants. I suggest then that there should be a substantial amount of money which is allocated to local municipalities.

Deputy President, as second in charge figure in our land, the Inkatha Freedom Party strongly suggests that there should be immense training of Ministers and Members of the Executive Council such that local municipalities are not undermined. This is because it is inappropriate for Ministers and Members of the Executive Council to undermine local structures since there is no competition in governmental structures. Moreover, if such habits persist, they directly undermine the highest law in the country which is the Constitution.

Furthermore, development should not sideline rural and township communities since they are the most marginalized and are evidence of slow development in the country. Moreover, South Africa is grappling with unemployment, and rural communities together with townships are no stranger to this phenomenon. Thus as the Inkatha Freedom Party we propose that communities should be the main participants in facilitating development by combining their natural skills and coordinating with governmental community based projects.

Appropriate development is facilitated by quality education to enhance people’s skills. Development also means proper infrastructural facilities which mean dignified sanitation systems, roads and clean environments. This also means communities should have access to clean water, suitable housing, electrified houses as well as health which is of good quality.

Amongst other things South Africa is faced with the challenge of overcoming crime in our communities. Therefore government should work hand in hand with the communities so as to address developmental challenges which prevail.

I thank you

Prince MMM Zulu