Response To The State Of Province Address (Gauteng)
 by Mr K Sithole MPL


Gauteng Legislature, 25 February 2010


Madam Speaker, Hon. Premier


This government cannot continue along this path - this is the time to take a development direction and pursue it with single-minded determination.


Madam Speaker, iqola iyazika.  Some of the departments are failing, some are full of corrupt officials; the GPG is still paying suspended officials, with a huge amount of money being spent which could be utilised to speed-up service delivery.


Madam Speaker, here in the Legislature I'm alone but outside I can mobilize our party structures, our members and the community at large to make this government listen to their grievances. I am warning you Madam Speaker and Premier to stop treating our people with disrespect, pacifying them with false promises and ignoring their dire needs.


Madam Speaker, the President of the country said: "We are working to upgrade well-located informal settlements and provide proper services and land tenure to at least 500000 household by 2014".  The IFP President replied "I am convinced, Mr President, that if we stop treating our people as if they are morons by promising them pies in the sky, they will be with us, we do not need to promise that which cannot obviously be delivered".


Ngibona ukuthi amaphupho kamhlonishwa undunankulu enkulumeni  yakho yokuvula iphalamende akucacanga ukuthi ubuthini kubantu base Gauteng, akucacanga nokuthi ufuna ukusisa kuphi.


There was nothing said about Human Settlement ngabe sekuqala izimpawu zokugobisa amakhanda? The speech that you delivered on the 9th June 2009 at Walter Sisulu Square, Kliptown, was a speech of a real Premier. Please go back to that speech, check those seven key strategic priorities, then let's focus and drive those strategies in order to have a clear programme for our Province.


The crime situation is out of control, and Gauteng has been the hardest hit.

Our children are no longer safe at school.  We cannot fold our hands and keep quiet when our province is slipping out of our hands.  Ngeke abantu base Gauteng basole ukhongolose yedwa ngokwehluleka, sonke sicwila esizibeni esisodwa.


Madam Speaker, I am appealing to our Premier and the Executive that they must commit themselves to the first speech of the isithwalandwe President Nelson Rolihlahla tata Mandela.  We must not talk about it but we must act on it.


Honourable Premier, sikhona, sethembe wenze lokho okubona kuzothuthukisa izimpilo zabantu ungesabi amaqabane ngoba azokulahlekisa ngelinye ilanga.

Isikhundla lesi okuso baningi abasifuna, so stand up and fight for the people of Gauteng.


The IFP has never made empty promises - we believe in working consistently, day in and day out, hand in hand with the people towards a better future.

We know that good governance requires honesty and integrity. We really know that not enough has been done for the people who are living in informal settlements and we are determined to make sure that things change.


From the information I received from the Department of Housing the Gauteng government has approved "420 000 housing opportunities during the period 2004 to March 2009, but there are currently more than 500 000 people still waiting for housing on a database which was then called (C-Forms)".


- Will the Premier indicate to this House whether the project Ziveze was helpful to our Gauteng citizens who are still on the C-Forms list?


- If yes, how many have been assisted? 


- We still have illegal RDP housing occupants in this Province; what does the Premier say about it?


- Can the Premier please explain why some communities are still using the bucket system? 


- There are municipalities which are in a financial crisis and some have applied for bank loans; what are the Premier and her Executive doing to help those municipalities? 


- Can the Premier and her executive explain to this House why we had the marches in the Vaal District and Tshwane Metropolitan?


Many questions remain unanswered.


I thank you.


Contact: Mr. Khethamabala Sithole IFP MPL, 0827431348 or 011 498 5985.